Road safety, signage, road maintenance, fueling stations, mechanical workshops and lodges are at one of the highest levels in all of Africa. The local people are very friendly and sociable with tourists; since 90% of the population is of religion with Christian roots, there are no religious “misunderstandings”. 24-hour assistance is always guaranteed, through direct contacts with your car rental and our office.



We specialize in this type of travel, with very advantageous prices. The Italian guide will always be with you throughout the tour. We will prepare with you the trip you want, always keeping the visit to the most important places and ethnic groups.



We will prepare the trip you want together with you, thus guaranteeing you a tour that respects your preferences on what you love to see, do and spend without neglecting the most popular and requested destinations: ethnic groups and parks. Possibility of organizing the trip by alternating accommodation in lodges and camping: our specific site it will make you live experiences in direct contact with African nature, its scents, its noises and the hidden breaths of the night… always in total safety.


“Honey-moon”… magic word in all languages! We especially love organizing honeymoons because we understand how important it is to continue the journey undertaken together, sealing it with unique memories that this land can give to make them unforgettable. Trust our knowledge and responsibility by allowing us to advise you and organize with you the beginning of the “journey of your life” with a special “Honey-moon”. Recommended for people who love adventure, nature, large spaces and star-studded night skies. Possibility of extensions in Mozambique, Mauritius, and Madagascar.

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