Rolando and Nadia are not satisfied only with organizing tours and safaris; in Namibia there are still highly depressed areas where the population lives below the poverty line, and it is here that Rolando and Nadia spend part of their time bringing concrete aid in the form of food, clothing and medicines that they collect from their customers before their return to Italy. Furthermore, with the financial contribution of our customers, we have started construction of kindergartens, laboratories, shelters and a voluntary organization open to all.

The modus operandi is: Help them to learn to fish… not to give fish as a gift !. Reportage, documents and photos are available for further information. For those who are seriously interested, an “ONLUS” account is available where you can participate, giving to those who have nothing a small part that is perhaps insignificant for you …

IBAN: IT 21 S 05034 14022 000 000 000577

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